The Skincare Regimen

From 15+ steps to all-in-ones, let our skincare outline help you curate the most effective regimen.

Attenir Skin Clear Cleanse Oil $28


The first step in double cleansing and a perfect addition to a night time routine, these cleansing lotions/oils are applied to dry skin to remove the heaviest waterproof makeup and SPF. These two cleansing methods are applied differently; oil cleansing is gently massaged into face for 30 seconds or more, then rinsed well prior to using a facial cleanser. Cleansing lotions (liquids/micellar) are spread on a soft cotton ball or pad and gentle swiped over face to pick up dirt and makeup. Both are suitable for any skin type and contain nourishing ingredients to prevent the skin from drying out while deep cleaning.

Dr. Linn Sakurai Treatment Foam $24


We’ve selected facial cleansers to be mild yet effective, avoiding skin-stripping ingredients. But even using the best products, a proper cleanse is often overlooked. Rinse skin for 30 seconds (or prepped after dry cleansing) then warm and work product in to a lather. Spread evenly on face, massaging gently for 30 seconds, giving time for ingredients to penetrate deep in pores – loosening dirt, dead skin and hard oils. Lastly, rinsing off facial cleanser with warm – not hot – water for 30 seconds. A clean slate is vital for your skincare products to work perfectly. 

COMING SOon Thera Enzyme Powder Wash


New to the skincare scene, these ingredients come alive when added to water. Created as a deeper cleansing treatment, they contain enzymes and vitamin C to dissolve dead skin and keratin trapped deep in pores. Made for all skin types, these gently exfoliate without the harsh scrub that can cause micro tears in skin or break capillaries. Use per powdered cleanser directions and to find your smooth skin glow.

Yoseido Koive moisturizing facial mask $42


Asian skincare has found the skincare holy grail – with deep penetrating active ingredients through the humble sheet mask. With an enormous assortment, from acne fighting to aging care, there is a sheet mask for every skin type. These face covering treatments come soaked in concentrated serum for the easiest 15-20 minute facial available. There are sheet masks that can be used daily or weekly to your preference, just remember to dip into the package to use the excess serum on places that need extra love like the decollate, shoulders, or all over if you’re like us!

Dr. Linn Sakurai Beauty Mask $40


Like sheet masks, packs are made for all skin problems – from the clay packs for the oily and blemish prone skin, to the moisture packs for the dehydrated and overworked skin. These facial masks, dubbed packs, also have concentrated nourishing extracts for a quick skin treatment. Unlike masks, there isn’t a physical barrier to prevent from drying out. We suggest applying to a clean, dry face prior to a long shower or bath where the steam keeps it fresh. Even clay masks shouldn’t dry out, clay is used to pull out excess sebum and debris but dried out could leave skin parched leading to overactive oil production.

Remei In Bath Peeling Gel $28


Deep exfoliation without irritation? Enter the facial peel. These treatments are concocted from fruit enzymes or even low acidic ingredients to nurture skin first, so these glow-getting peels will never come at a skin damaging price. They target and dissolve built up sebum and keratin in the skin by penetrating deep into pores, while facial scrubs only reach the surface. Improving tone and texture through the gentlest methods possible is one of our healthy skin goals.

exfoliants coming soon


Facial exfoliants are to be used sparingly in a skincare regimen – think of a very gentle buffing 1-2 times a week. Best used on already cleansed damp skin, lightly rub in a circular motion with your middle and ring fingers for 30 seconds, avoiding the delicate eye area. Overuse of scrubs or too abrasive can lead to deeper visible pores, broken capillaries, redness, irritation and overproduction of skin sebum to heal microtears. A rough scrub isn’t needed when you can get the same result with a tender technique – love your skin and respect the exfoliant.

Sensory Deep Moisturizing Lotion $38


Similar to an essence – these liquid moisturizers can be crystal clear, have a sensation like water, but high in skin nurturing ingredients. Hydration doesn’t only come from thick creams, these liquid compounds can contain ceramides, hyaluronic acids, concentrated plant extracts and micro oils. To be applied by hand or cotton to dry cleansed skin, liquid lotions also reset the pH balance of the skin and prep for deeper treatments to come. Perfect for all skin types, some focus on light hydration for combination and oily skin types.

Ampleur Luxury de-age Rejulution v $118


For healthy skin regeneration – find your perfect essence or serum. These viscous treatments have the highest concentration of active ingredients that penetrate deep into layers of skin. With a wide variety they can assist with anything from acne, uneven skin texture, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone (don’t let ‘whitening’ scare you) to aging care. Only a small amount is needed of these treatments to take effect, and best applied prior to heavy lotions or cream. Essences and serums usually come at a higher price because they contain the maximum amounts of active ingredients, however they also come with the most exceptional skin improving payoffs.

White Rush Whitening* Emulsion $23


Half essence, half lotion – emulsions and milks make for the perfect day time moisturizer. To be applied after liquid lotions/essences/serums, it creates a barrier to lock in hydration and concentrated beauty ingredients. Deeply hydrating but light on the skin, you may never look at moisturizers the same way again.

SPF’s Coming Soon


Along with double cleansing and moisturizing, Japanese skincare puts a large emphasis on skin protection. Some may cherish that golden tan but darker pigmentation to skin tone is the first barrier of defense to skin damage. All skin tones can benefit from an SPF, but that’s not the only environmental skin damager. Pollution and blue light (light admitted from electronics, e.g. computers and cell phones) can cause deeper damage to skin layers which SPFs do not protect from. Look for an everyday skin protector to add to your daytime routine and your healthy skin will thank you in 10-20 years.

Dr. Medion VC Cream + $60


Japanese skincare has reinvented the face cream as we know it – creating formulas that sink into skin and high in bioavailable ingredients. Creams provide skin soothing deep hydration and use of them can be as personalized as you like; every morning/night, spot treatment for dry patches, 1-3 a week as a night hydration mask or more often during dry seasons and climates. If you are using exfoliants, retinols, or other potential skin stressing treatments, creams provide ultimate healing to overworked skin.

facial oils coming soon


Anything but heavy and greasy, these beauty elixirs are made from the finest plant oils and extracts to nourish and hydrate skin. High in antioxidants, they are more than a hydrator – crossing over to a deep skin treatment. There is an oil for every skin type and we focus on the highest quality selections, avoiding mineral oils and unknown vegetable oil blends.   

Dr. Linn Sakurai Premium Moist Rich Gel $45


For the skincare minimalist, or just for those idle days, all-in-one products are designed to do the job of a liquid lotion, serum, essence, and emulsion. High in concentrated nourishing ingredients and a light hydration, all-in-ones are great for travel or to have on hand for those mornings we sleep through our alarms. For dryer skin, an extra moisturizer may be necessary and added skin protection for day time applications.

Attenir Eye Extra Serum $40


Skin around the eye is easily the most sensitive and delicate areas on the face, coming with their own array of issues. Dark circles, early laugh lines and bags – which is why it needs special care that so many of us don’t give them. In additions to eye creams, treatments for lash health a growth have been added to eye care. Remember to be extra gentle when cleansing, applying skincare or makeup around eyes – no rubbing or tugging, both of which can cause darker circles, larger bags and earlier signs of aging.    

Real Japanese Quality, Really Beautiful Results

In the evolving world of skincare we will always have new picks for better skin. Japanese skincare is about being mindful of what nourishes and heals, whether with 1 or 15 different products, always listening to your skin. Find more about what’s in your skincare products through our Ingredients Glossary and the latest news in Beauty at The Miyako Report.