Clean Slate

by | Jun 16, 2021

Japan has always been a strong skincare culture, but nothing might be as impactful as their double cleansing routine. With the rise of budge proof makeup, sun exposure, dirt and pollution that our skin deals with daily, it’s essential to thoroughly cleanse skin without the use of harsh abrasions, whether exfoliants or acidic ingredients. These strip skin of natural oils, causing damage, but doesn’t mean the perform a proper deep clean. Our skincare goal is to have hydrated, healthier skin post cleansing with a beneficial regime with skin supporting cleansers.

Cleansing Oils or Cleansing Waters?

The first step of the double cleansing process is even more necessary if you are a makeup wearer. Japanese cleansing oils and waters are well loved for their effectiveness but also how gentle and nourishing these products are which makes choosing a cleansing process all the more important. Too much scrubbing can damage delicate layers of skin, causing unnecessary redness to broken capillaries to larger dilated pores. Harsh toners often contain alcohols or heavy astringents that can burn the skin and strip away healthy oils and skin flora. This can cause dryness, flaking, aggravate skin conditions and put sebaceous (oil) glands into overdrive resulting in a greasier complexion. For those with oily skin, don’t shy away from cleansing oils since they have the power to dissolve excess oils without striping skin.

Help heal your skin while removing the day with a cleansing oil like THREE Balancing Cleansing Oil $40. Created from 9 different natural oils like rosehip and marjoram oils, it melts stubborn UV protection and waterproof makeup with ease. Nurturing and purifying the skin for a brighter and clearer complexion.

A gentle and more effective alternative to astringent would be a cleansing water. Safe for eyelash extensions (unlike oils) cleansing waters are mild but more than effective at removing makeup, impurities and excess sebum. Hanajirushi Deep Cleansing Super Moist $17 has a clear watery consistency, ph balanced and paraben free, packed with collagen and aloe vera for deep skin hydration while gently lifting makeup and dirt from skin.

Face Wash:

The second step and one you’re probably more familiar with, but how well are you doing it? “Key to proper cleansing is time; most people make this a quick process but it shouldn’t be skipped over so lightly.” Esthetician Yuko Matsuda recommends. “Not enough time dampening skin and massaging the cleanser into your face.” She recommends 30 seconds of rinsing with water, rubbing cleanser between fingers to activate cleansing molecules, then 30 seconds of cleansing. “Not forgetting easily missed hot spots; side of your nose, under your chin, and around the borders of your hairline. Especially for those who are on the phone a lot daily.”

Find a cleanser that can penetrate deeply but designed with your skins health in mind. A powerful contender and perfect for oily skin is Hana Organic’s Clay Cleanser $30, with a base of 3 different clays including mineral rich marine clay sea silt for deep cleansing. It’s also formulated with botanical oils like Damascus rose oil high in antioxidants and moisturizing extracts like royal jelly and rice bran for glowing skin. This organic cleanser won’t leave any residue to make way for a healthy glow. Without containing any unnatural chemicals in it, we also love it because it surprisingly smells like Froot Loops!

Another cleanser, and best seller, that won’t strip your face is Rosette Face Wash Sea Mud Smooth $6. Also free from artificial dyes, fragrances and harsh chemicals, it’s designed to leave skin more moisturized than before. And for the most sensitive skins try Nuru Nuru Face Cleanser $12, for a slippery skin cleansing experience and high in skin moisturizing ingredients like marine collagen, seaweed extract and hyaluronic acid.

For best skin care results, find a regime that’s nourishing to your skin. Visit our website to find your perfect double cleansing products for your skincare goals.