Almost Perfect

by | Jun 9, 2021

Blackheads and whiteheads have always been a burden on clear skin, unfortunately not having those doesn’t mean you have smooth crystal complexion. Most smaller skin issues run under the radar but still make it difficult to achieve those perfect skin goals.

Closed Clogged Pores Plaguing Your Skin?

Take a closer look at your freshly cleaned face. See small flesh toned bumps mixed with redness and dullness? Closed Clogged Pores may be the culprit. CCPs are different from acne and whiteheads, so requires a different cleanser to effectively target. Unlike acne, CCPs can be made from up to 70% keratin protein which is a hard-waxy substance that collects with skin sebum deep in your small pores which won’t budge with salicylic acid which is used in most acne fighting beauty products. Keratin proteins are also what makes up Keratosis Pilaris (KP) or also known ask chicken skin that can be found on upper arms and around the body. Although these small bumps aren’t unsightly, it can make it difficult for a smooth makeup application giving us a cucumber skin effect, adding for the need of a thick primer and heavy foundation to cover them up.

Suisai Clear Powder $10-30 is made from naturally occurring enzymes to dissolve keratin and sebum deep in the pore, creating smooth crystal skin. Dry unhealthy skin can worsen this condition so make sure you properly moisturize after cleansing. To maintain nourishing skin support, use Obagi C Serum $80 for a high dose of vitamin C to improve skin texture and tone (also amazing for dilated pores) and follow up with a mega moisturizer like Rosette Ceramide Gel $11 for hydrated healthy skin.

Dilated Pores Defiling a Perfect Complexion?

Dilated pores can lead to blackheads but also prevent the smooth skin we desire. DPs are more noticeable when applying makeup, leading to the dreaded orange peel skin look. Although they have been linked to genetics or pore stretching from acne scarring, Japanese Dermatologists believe a key factor to minimalizing pores is gentle cleansing and properly moisturized skin. The key to clear skin is to replenish moisture, tighten pores, and control sebum. Begin with a cleanser like Itsukano Sekken Soap $20 with coconut oil to moisturize and filament dissolving enzymes and silicic acid to shrink pores.

Add Kose’s Clear Turn Black Masks $4-15 to your weekly beauty regimen. This black mask contains charcoal for a pore debris drawing effect and Japanese herbs with fermented soy extract for extra skin illuminating ingredients. Use Takami Skin Peel $10-50 morning and night for acid peel results from this very mild serum to help increase healthy skin turnover. Proper hydration is needed to improve all skin troubles, even for those with oily skin, THREE Aiming Emulsion $88 is a serum and light moisturizer in one, improving elasticity of pores with a huge dose of botanical extracts and oils. And please remember, do not pick or squeeze the sebaceous filaments in your pores, they assist with healthy oil distribution. Our skin care goals are to shrink them to make them nearly invisible!

Most skin issues can be improved with a healthy cleansing regime and skin nourishing hydrators. Other factors can contribute to skin health, from wellness habits to external stressors. Explore more perfect skin tips through our other skincare blog posts.