Our Story

Traditional. Modern. Maison Miyako was founded in 2020 with glorious Tokyo as our main muse.

Japanese skincare products online are unlike anything you know. With a healthy set of collagens and natural antioxidants, our collections nourish your skin – leaving harsh acids, exfoliants, and other chemicals at the door.

We want to gift you – our valued customer – with a nurturing collection that works magic on your most valuable asset. That’s why we curate the best Japanese skincare has to offer.

What does that all mean for you? Moisturized, healthy skin you can be proud of.

Japan’s booming cultural hub is worth exploring. Our editorial blog, the Miyako Report, provides the latest in Japanese beauty, art, fashion, reviews, and lifestyles, all straight your inbox as soon as you sign up.

Our customers are the reason we are able to keep doing what we do. Do you want to drop us a comment or product idea? Reach out to us by checking out our contact page!


We Pinky Promise

Each product that arrives at your doorstep is delivered straight from the heart of Tokyo – meaning speedier delivery arrival and trust in a domestic shipping company. FDA inspected and federally approved, we only select authentic Japanese goodness that meets strict local and international quality standards.